West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Tour underway

Today, Sunday, August 2nd, Daniel Barenboim will commence this summer's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra tour with a symphonic program of Liszt, Wagner, and Berlioz in Seville's Teatro de la Maestranza, and the orchestra will return to the same hall tomorrow to perform Fidelio in concert version. The two concerts are both the culmination and the continuation of ten days of intensive rehearsals in nearby Pilas, where the orchestra is based. After a much-needed day of rest on August 4th, the orchestra will give a free open-air evening concert in Madrid's Plaza Mayor on August 5th; the West-Eastern Divan has often performed there in recent years, and the concerts have always been extremely well attended, drawing tens of thousands of listeners, sometimes even through torrential downpours.

After another symphonic concert in San Sebastian on August 6th, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra will pay homage to its late co-founder with a special concert in Geneva on August 7th in remembrance of Edward Said. His widow Mariam will read poetry about Edward Said and Jerusalem, as the concert is also dedicated to the designated Arab Cultural Capital 2009. The second generation of the Barenboim-Said duo completes the symbolism of continuing the tradition of dialogue through music: Daniel Barenboim's son Michael is the violin soloist in Berg's Kammerkonzert, and Edward Said's grand-nephew Karim the piano soloist. For complete program information and press kits, please visit the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra's new website.


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