Schloß Schönbrunn Concert with Vienna Philharmonic

On June 4th, Barenboim conducted the Vienna Philharmonic’s annual Schloß Schönbrunn Concert in the park of the historic palace of the same name. Approximately 100,000 people were in attendance for the night-themed concert, which included Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain, Modest Mussorgski’s Night on Bald Mountain, and of course Johann Strauß’s “1001 Nights” Waltz. After performing the traditional encore, Johann Strauß’s “Wiener Blut,“ Barenboim performed an Argentinean tango, a Firulete, with the Viennese ensemble in homage to his homeland. A CD and DVD of the performance will be available soon.

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