Liederabend with Anna Netrebko

On Monday, August 17th at the Salzburg Festival, Daniel Barenboim will accompany Anna Netrebko in a program of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov songs (see below for complete program). It is Netrebko's first recital, though not technically a debut: the world-renowned soprano performed the same program with Barenboim's wife, pianist Elena Bashkirova, in Mannheim on August 12th.


NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Of What I Dream in the Quiet Night, op. 40, no. 3

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Forgive! Remember Not These Tearful Days, op. 27, no. 4

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Not the Wind, Blowing from the Hights, op. 43, no. 2

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • The Lark Sings Louder, op. 43, no. 1

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • On the Hills of Georgia, op. 3, no. 4

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • In the Kingdom of Roses and Wine, op. 8, no. 5

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Zuleika’s Song, op. 26, no. 4

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Enslaved by the Rose, the Nightingale, op. 2, no. 2

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • The Clouds Begin to Scatter, op. 42, no. 3

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • The Nymph, op. 56, no. 1

NIKOLAI RIMSKY-KORSAKOW • Summer Night’s Dream, op. 56, no. 2

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Tell Me, What in the Shade of the Branches, op. 57, no. 1

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • To Forget So Soon (1870)

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Frenzied Night, op. 60, no. 6

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Why?, op. 6, no. 5

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Serenade, op. 63, no. 6

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Cradle Song, op. 16, no. 1

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Was I Not a Little Blade of Grass?, op. 47, no. 7

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Mid Sombre Days, op. 73, no. 5

PYOTR I. TCHAIKOVSKY • Does the Day Reign, op. 47, no. 6



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