Deutsche Grammophon releases new album of Liszt piano concertos with Barenboim:

Honoring the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt, Deutsche Grammophon is releasing a new album featuring Daniel Barenboim playing both of Liszt’s daunting piano concertos with the Berlin Staatskapelle.  The legendary Pierre Boulez leads Barenboim’s orchestra on this disc, which was recorded live at the Essen Philharmonie during the Ruhr Piano Festival.  The album marks Barenboim’s first recording of the Liszt piano concertos.

Barenboim gives two reasons for performing these two works back-to-back: “I wanted to present both concertos together as they are so different. Although less frequently played than the first, the second concerto is no less of a masterpiece. The orchestral colours of its opening remind me of Wagner’s Lohengrin – and not just because they both begin in A major. Liszt, like Wagner, was a master of chromaticism – and chromaticism means ambiguity. In a person, you wouldn’t think very much of ambiguity, but in the world of music it adds an extra richness and opens up a whole range of new possibilities.”

Click here for more information and to purchase a copy of The Liszt Concertos

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