Barenboim Congratulates Youth Orchestra on its Opera Performance in Ramallah

Daniel Barenboim is “very happy and proud of the achievement of the Youth Orchestra of the Barenboim-Said Foundation in Ramallah.” Yesterday, on July 14th, the opera The Sultana of Cadiz—a patchwork of existing orchestral and choral works by Spanish composer J.C. De Arriaga and a new libretto by Paula Fünfeck according to an Arabic fairy tale—enjoyed a very successful premiere at Ramallah’s Cultural Palace under the baton of Anne-Sophie Brüning, who commissioned the libretto and performed the necessary musical research and arrangement. Together with oboist Johannes Brüggemann, Brüning has led the Barenboim-Said Foundation’s musical education program in Ramallah and other areas of the West Bank for several years, teaching violin and viola and conducting the program’s youth orchestra. Barenboim regretted not having been able to attend the premiere due to his own simultaneous performance, scheduled long before the Ramallah premiere, of Verdi’s Aida with the Teatro alla Scala in Tel Aviv.

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